Hot Violin & Viola How-Tos

How To: Tune a new violin

Watch this instructional violin video to learn how to tune a new violin after you have finished setting it up. To help with the tuning, a digital tuner is used to check whether the violin is in the correct tune or not. This tutorial video is great for beginners who need help tuning their violin.

How To: Replace a broken violin string

This violin video tutorial provides a brief guide on how to replace a broken violin string. Follow these steps to repair your violin and start playing again: remove the broken string, replace it with a matching string (the beaded end fits into the adjustor), turn the peg in a clockwise direction, make sure the string is on the groove, and tighten. You are now ready to tune your violin.

How To: Play Zelda Lost Woods on violin

Watch this instructional violin video to learn how to play the "Lost Woods" song from the Zelda: Ocarina of Time video game on the violin. This tutorial video is great for violinist enthusiasts who love the video game. Find the sheet music for this song in the Downloads section of this user's personal website.

How To: Practice the vibrato on the violin

Watch this violin tutorial to learn how to effectively practice the vibrato on the violin. This instructional video will show you a few key principles to improve your skills playing vibrato on the violin. Vibrato is a very difficult technique to refine, but this how to video will help you master the violin.

How To: Play half notes on the violin

In this music lesson you will learn how to play half notes on the violin. This video also covers 1st and 2nd endings in music as well as left hand pizzicato. This tutorial is designed for beginner violin students. With the techniques in this how to video you will learn how to start playing the violin.

How To: Use your violin bow

This how to video is an introduction to using the bow on the violin. Bowing techniques are a very important to mastering the violin. Learn how to hold the bow and up and down strokes. With the techniques from this music tutorial you can learn how to play the violin.