How To: Play the Collé bowing technique on the violin

Play the Collé bowing technique on the violin

Collé is French for glued or sticky. In this tutorial you can play the Collé bowing technique on the violin. Play slow with no metronome and away from the bridge. Play small but powerful "T" consonant at the tip. Start at the very tip and throw the bow up bow with the biceps (about 4 inches). Do the same down bow at the frog. Use triceps to throw the bow down bow (again about 4 inches). Start with open strings until you get the motion right. The colle technique improves projection, articulation, and clarity and provides the building blocks for Martelé. The fingers should be straight at the tip ready to be thrown up bow. The fingers should be round (especially the pinky) when being thrown down bow at the frog. Prepare the hand to be thrown in either direction. Always imitate the hard consonant sound of the "T". With this how to video you will be able to play the Collé technique on the violin.

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