How To: Play thirds in the 2nd and 4th position on violin

Play thirds in the 2nd and 4th position on violin

If you want to improve your violin technique then this tutorial is for you. This violin lesson teaches you to play thirds in 2nd and 4th position. This exercise, based on the Yost system, is designed to increase your familiarity and comfort in all positions, develop confidence and accuracy in all positions, develop an understanding of what to listen for while shifting, and improve your ear training and overall intonation. When practicing this exercise you should relax your fingers, hand and wrist; move arm first from the biceps to the new position dragging the hand and the finger, gliding on top of the string, never pushing forward with the fingers; tune with the biceps before putting finger down; get the 1st finger in tune so the 3rd finger will tune itself; always lift and drop 1st and 3rd fingers at the same time; know what position you're in at all times and say it out loud before you go; press on lower string more with the bow and keep bow close to the bridge. These steps will make this violin exercise easier and more effective. With this how to video you will be able to play thirds in 2nd and 4th position on the violin.

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