How To: Play Zelda Lost Woods on violin

Play Zelda Lost Woods on violin

Watch this instructional violin video to learn how to play the "Lost Woods" song from the Zelda: Ocarina of Time video game on the violin. This tutorial video is great for violinist enthusiasts who love the video game. Find the sheet music for this song in the Downloads section of this user's personal website.

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wow guy this is an amazing video, i loved it, lol, but i cant play this hard of music yet, caz im just learning, but i love zelda so much and im so excited to get good enough to be able to play this, and by the way i totally loved how u broke into final fansasty in the middle of that caz i love that game to, and i waz like wow look at that, i waz really amazed lol, but im a dork like that ^-^ haha, but still, i give u tons and tons of kudos for this video, u have mad skills, ^.^

That is amazeing!
I nead your E-mail so that I can ask you some questions about where to find the sheet music and to ask you what you did to improve.
I am 11 years old and I play the violin.

Great video.You are very good at the violin, I hope to soon be able to play this because i'm still learning violin,but anyways awsome videos A+ and favorited.

totally amazing:) your awesome

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